About Us

The Power VR  Amusement Park will expand your horizons and take you to a new level of thrills and excitement without requiring you to put out any real effort or take any real risks. As we created our unique VR reality, we wanted as many individuals as possible to experience an outpouring of emotions and an adrenaline rush. 

The Power VR  amusement park is the ideal setting for both adult and kid birthday parties, business events, bachelor parties, and just generally nice get-togethers! Anything! You can order a buffet table, reserve the necessary day and time, and pick the hall’s decor style.

Therefore, with the greatest of ease, fun, and comfort, you may now go wherever you want to and do whatever you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the courage to really do. Weight, height, and age are not significant… Everyone may experience what it’s like to fly a real jet plane, learn snowboarding, conquer the mountains with courage, win the water sky, ride an untamable motorbike, or compete in a high-speed car race here. Simply select your preferred extreme activity and realize your most fantastic desires!

An immersive “outside” virtual reality experience may be had indoors thanks to the wide variety of VR game consoles that offer free virtual reality entertainment.

Beyond the thrills, joy, and enjoyment offered at our storefront location in Broward Blvd Pantation, Florida, virtual reality experiences have been shown to have numerous other advantages. People from all areas of life can benefit from the wide range of therapeutic and educational options, which have been extensively investigated and shown to have positive effects on physical health. Disability would be less noticeable there since everyone could enjoy the enjoyment and excitement that virtual reality has to offer.

The inspiration for Power VR came from a passion for virtual reality and a desire to share it with as many people as possible and show off how far technology had advanced. 

We’re an independent local business that sincerely wants to support the community and build a facility that everyone can be proud of.