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VR Shotgun

One of the most enjoyable ways to pass time in the virtual world is by playing virtual reality shooting games. Take your aim game to the next level. Whether you are engaging in combat with aliens, robots, or battleships, traversing time and space, changing landscapes and scenery, or simply feeling like a warrior, our shooting simulator gives an excellent shooting experience.

VR Motorcycle

We can not refuse VR Motorcycle as an extreme racing sport. Enjoy the rush of racing through thrilling surroundings with the VR Motorcycle, elevating motorcycling to a whole new level. Gamers may have a genuine motorcycle driving experience thanks to the high-tech VR equipment in the motorcycle simulator.

VR Racing

Racing simulators, also known as driving games, are excellent for VR and a great option for beginners, intermediate, and expert racers alike. When used in conjunction with a wheel and pedal setup, a VR racing simulator offers the ideal escape from reality in addition to the speed, adrenaline, and excitement that come with racing.

Dream Simulator

Dream Simulator transports you into a thrilling virtual world where you can experience the rush of a rollercoaster or soar over stunning new sights. The Dream Machine is equipped to take you to a new level of interactive experience with its more than 20 pre-programmed games, which cater to a wide range of ages and interests.

Children's Dinosaur

The Children's Dinosaur is a kid-safe virtual reality simulator that introduces young kids to the wonders of VR by providing family-friendly entertainment with a twist. This creates a special experience that can't be matched by mobile devices, tablets, or home gaming consoles.

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VR Simulators

  • 1 Game $10
  • 3 Games $25
  • 5 Games $40
  • 7 Games $50
  • AR Games $35
  • VR Headset $25
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  • 1 Hour $300
  • 2 Hours $500
  • Every additional hour is $200